Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rake Blog Launching Soon

I am still waiting for the launch of my new blog, which I expect will happen sometime in the next week or so. Ann Bauer and I will be writing for The Rake's new food and dining website - check here for details, or go to In the first few weeks, I'll have reviews online of Fogo de Chao, Bank, Shiraz Fire Roast Cuisine, and Cafe BonXai.
Cafe Levain and Cafe Maude are both opening on Tuesday, June 12. Cafe Levain takes the place of the late, lamented Levain, around the corner from Turtle Bread. Unlike its pricy predecessor, Levain, Harvey McLain's new French bistro keeps things simple and affordable: the menu in the window shows entrees such as coq au vin and beef short ribs, all priced under $20. I have less information about Cafe Maude, at 54th and Penn Ave. S., but the restaurant's website,, promises "civilized leisure." Cafe Maude will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.